dinner #54 – mish and mash

This was all kind of a weird combination of stuff, but K liked all of it, and that’s what counts, right?

Packed in the Boon Trunk Snack Box:


The big section on the right contains black bean and corn salad. It’s a recipe I got from work. There are lots of variations out there, but this one is pretty simple: black beans, corn, diced red peppers (at work we use the canned kind, but fresh would be good too), green chilis, salsa, salt, and black pepper. Cilantro and garlic powder would be awesome in it as well.

The next section contains mini sandwiches of cucumber, cream cheese, and dill. Been wanting to try this on K for a while, and he enjoyed it a lot.

The final two sections contain grapes and a dried fruit mix of pineapple, banana chips, and coconut.

I really do want to start writing here more. I’ve gotten multiple new boxes over the past couple months that I am dying to share with you. In fact, one of my next meals in the backlog contains one of those new boxes!

So do you like my new style of actually talking a bit, instead of the list? Let me know, all five people who read. 😛

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lunch #12 – chicken salad and veggies

Oh, you guys know the drill by now.

I have a few to post, but here’s one to tide you over. Packed in a Boon Trunk Snack Box:


– broccoli
– cherry tomatoes
– almonds
– cheese cashews
– mozzarella cheese stick
– chicken salad on a bed of spinach
– grapes
– raspberry brownie

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recipe #1 – raw apple pie trail mix

My very first recipe post for all of you! This is just a way for me to start blogging about a few more things, as well as to share any genius creations I come up with. Because, you know, I come up with those all the time.

So for today, we have what I call raw apple pie trail mix. I did find another “apple trail mix” recipe out there, but I think what sets mine apart is its simplicity. There are only three ingredients and it feels more basic, which is, of course, not a bad thing at all. Could probably call this simple apple pie trail mix as well.

But without further ado…


Raw Apple Pie Trail Mix

– 1/2 cup dried apple
– 1 oz. whole natural almonds (about 18 or 19 nuts, or the equivalent of a 100-calorie pack, which is what I used)
– 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together and serve.


*This recipe is my original creation. Any resemblance to other recipes is unintentional unless otherwise stated.

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snack #14 – recipe making

This post is for K’s snack tonight, but also is the start of a new section, shall we say, of this blog: recipes!

I enjoy making salads, and over time that has evolved into enjoying coming up with salads. I don’t know a whole lot yet, but I’m learning as I go. And it’s fun!

So K’s snack for tonight, packed in my new-ish divided Sistema snack box:


– Pillsbury chocolate chip mini muffins
– raw apple pie trail mix

The trail mix is something I’ve posted before, in this post. But now I’ve given it a proper name, which surely makes it better. Right?

Look for the recipe post for this coming very soon!

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dinner #53 – chicken salad dip

Today I went to the deli and got some chicken salad for K’s dinner. This may or may not have been partly to use up the extra crackers I had around. Maybe.

Packed in an EasyLunchbox:


– chicken salad with fruit and nuts
– crackers
– celery
– grapes
– cucumbers

The idea was to dip the crackers and celery in the chicken salad. It worked quite well.

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snack #13 – havarti cheese

The last time I tried to make a post, my phone ate the photo and I was forced to delete it. Sigh. But! Now I have another post.

K’s snack last night:


– strawberries
– Havarti cheese
– almonds

It is very bright. I like bright foods.

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dinner #52 – almond butter

I am on a reasonably consistent quest to try new foods, and tonight I forced that quest upon K. Because why not.

Packed in an EasyLunchbox:


– cinnamon-raisin bagel with a spread of almond butter
– fruit and seed flapjack from Graze.com
– honeydew
– grapes
– oranges

Now, I was gonna include veggies, but my veggies were expired, so I just doubled up on the fruit. That’s still okay, right? 🙂 Plus it makes this meal kind of breakfasty. All I need to add is an egg.

I took this picture somewhere besides my apartment and I like the lighting. Natural light is a thing. I should use that more often.

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