dinner #51 – successful roll-ups

Finally, I made some successful roll-ups! Go team go!

Packed in two Lock and Lock boxes, K’s dinner tonight is:


– turkey and pesto roll-ups
– dried fruit from Graze.com (apples, cranberries, and figs)
– Babybel cheese
– blueberry-oats muffin
– celery
– grape tomatoes
– Greek yogurt cucumber dill dip in the mini dipper

The dip is something new I found when searching for a lower-calorie option to hummus. Unfortunately it’s expensive, though. But I think I could probably make it myself for cheaper.

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dinner #50 – cracker barrel is best barrel

Dinner post number 50! And I actually have something a tiny bit special to go with it. Leftovers from a lovely restaurant known as Cracker Barrel! Their biscuits are quite heavenly.

Packed in an EasyLunchbox:


– chicken breast
– biscuits
– pineapple
– cucumbers

And also Ranch to go with the chicken and cucumbers.

The chicken breasts were part of their Sunday special, which involves homestyle chicken. It’s quite tasty. If you have a Cracker Barrel in your area, go check it out.

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dinners #48 and 49 – fun with flatbread

Today I made dinners for me and K with my new toy, some garlic-herb flatbread. I got it not long after discovering that my favorite tortillas are way too expensive for my taste. These are perhaps a bit carbier, but eh.

First, my dinner, which I have already consumed. Packed in my Sentimental Circus bento set:


– turkey, tomato, and Ranch dressing wrap
– grape tomatoes
– cucumbers
– pineapple
– (not pictured) Nutrigrain strawberry Greek yogurt bar

It was nice having fresh pineapple again. Aldi’s has another point in the win category for their affordable fruit.

And now for K’s dinner, which he will be eating soon. Packed in the Sistema Lunch Cube:


– turkey, tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto wrap
– dried blueberries and cranberries in the bear/rabbit cup (I honestly can’t tell which it is)
– mango
– almonds
– broccoli
– cucumbers
– carrots

I hope he likes this combination. I like to pretend it’s fancy.

And there you go…Some more boxed meals from the woodwork. I honestly do miss packing these, but I don’t really get to do it much these days.

Well, see you next time!

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lunch #11 – ciabatta sandwich

Once again, I have a backlog of posts. Honestly, it feels kind of good to have a backlog of posts.

This was for K yesterday; he took it with him to work, as he had to be in early. Packed in an EasyLunchbox:


– turkey, mozzarella, and Chipotle pesto sandwich on ciabatta bread
– pepperjack cheese
– strawberries
– Brazil nuts
– (not pictured) Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt with honey mixed in

He loved it, especially the yogurt. 🙂

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dinner #47 – tuna and veggies and things

This one is a pretty old one that I never posted.

Packed in the beloved Boon Trunk Snack Box:


– Sun-dried tomato basil tuna salad, on a lettuce leaf
– grape tomatoes
– cucumbers
– strawberries
– grapes

Not pictured, also had some Ranch dressing.

I didn’t like the tuna that much…Tuna salad is one of those foods I can only really tolerate in small doses to begin with, and I just wasn’t a fan of the new flavor. Oh well.

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snack #12 – a very pink and red production

Welp, I’m gonna stop trying to force getting back in the saddle, because it doesn’t really work so well for me. So I’mma just figure things out, somehow.

A snack for K from the other night…


– Babybel cheese
– grape tomatoes
– cherry raisins in the rabbit cup
– almonds

Apologies for the blurriness; I was a bit shaky and just could not get a better picture.

It turned out quite pink and red, now that I’m looking at it. If only I’d had some strawberry almonds…

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dinner #46 – attempting to get back in the saddle

I’m trying, at least. Made K something for dinner.

I’m a bit proud of this meal, actually. I try. 🙂

Packed in that three-compartment circular tray (maybe I should look up a brand name or something):


– Havarti cheese
– crackers
– sun-dried tomato basil tuna salad, in half of a red bell pepper
– blueberry muffin that is only slightly squashed
– grape tomatoes
– grapes

I think it looks pretty good. 🙂 Gives me one of my currently-rare smiles.

Hope all are well.

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