dinners #32 and #33 – schedule slipping

I’ve developed a small backlog of pictures. Partly due to misplacing my camera for a day or two, partly because I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and post.

Anyway. Saturday night, I made dinners for K and I. And here they are.

K’s, packed in an EasyLunchbox:


– meatballs and grape tomatoes on toothpicks, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese
– carrot sticks
– broccoli
– cheddar cheese
– mandarin oranges
– grapes
– “dried apple pie” (dried apple, almonds, and cinnamon)

Both the meatball/tomato thing and the “dried apple pie” were my own ideas. Well, maybe someone else has come up with them before, but I came up with them too. And wanted to try them. K liked them, too. Maybe I’ll have them myself next time.

My dinner, packed in my new two-tier Kiki’s Delivery Service bento box:


– grape tomatoes
– cucumbers
– grapes
– grilled chicken wrap
– mandarin orange
– (not pictured) Oikos nonfat strawberry Greek yogurt

I love this new box. It’s cute and compact and heartworthy. This is the link to it on JBox. They also have a Totoro one, and I’ve seen a Hello Kitty one floating around on the Internet.

Anyway, got more posts coming today, so watch out!

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