dinner #45 – the forgotten meals, part two

Now this meal I have slight recollection of, but I had no idea I’d photographed it. Oh well. Here it is anyway!

The reason I remember it is those darn cucumber-hummus sandwiches. They wound up very very messy. So messy that K had to eat them with a fork. Sigh. Not at all as successful as the last time I made them. Oh well…

Packed in the Sistema Lunch Cube:


– cucumber-hummus sandwiches (that are very messy…)
– strawberries
– grapes
– ham and Swiss roll-ups
– broccoli
– chocolate chip muffin

Just because it’s going to be a bit before new content shows up, I think I’ll hold off on posting the last picture I have…which really is the last picture I have this time, I promise!

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