snacks #10 and #11 – trying/forcing new things

I packed K and I some small snacks for later. They might end up getting saved for tomorrow; who knows?

These were packed in two matching sized MixXMate boxes (is that how you spell that brand name?). K got the lion one and I got the cat one. I have most of that set, except for ONE SINGLE BOX, the bear, which has apparently been discontinued. And I can’t find it anywhere. 😦 Sighhhhhhhhh.

First up, K’s box:


– cauliflower with barbecue sauce
– Babybel cheese
– grapes

K’s box has him trying a couple new things. The cauliflower/barbecue sauce might seem odd, but a while back K told me that he’d heard it tasted good. The thing is, he doesn’t remember saying this. Oh well; I know he will at least try it, if not necessarily like it. If I am a really picky eater, K is a really open one. The boy likes everything. The only food I’ve ever managed to find that he really doesn’t like is lasagna, and even then he can tolerate “certain kinds”, apparently. Not like me, no sir.

…And also, the Babybel cheese is new. I’ve seen them tucked in bentos and so today I decided to tuck one in his.

Now, then. My box:


– summer berry flapjack from
– grapes
– strawberries (which I am planning on nicely sharing with K)

I’m trying to eat better, I really am. Not always succeeding, but trying. This is a start, right? Right?

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One Response to snacks #10 and #11 – trying/forcing new things

  1. dosirakbento says:

    I’ve seen those Babybel cheeses in boxes as well. Guess they are very handy because of the size & packaging, although personally I find the taste a bit, hmm, well, a bit tasteless. I prefer very smelly French cheese but don’ think that would work in a lunchbox! Imagine opening that at work…

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