dinner #26 – wrap practice

Going grocery shopping is oddly satisfying, even as I watch my account balance quietly sink into oblivion. Today I got all the stuff for grilled chicken wraps/salads, and decided it was long since time I practiced my wrap-making skills.

Packed in the Boon Trunk Snack Box:


– grilled chicken wrap (lettuce, tomato, chicken, Ranch)
– pineapple
– tomato-pickle bites
– apple cinnamon flapjack from Graze.com

Wrap turned out a lot better than my last one. I didn’t have to plastic-wrap it, for one thing. It was very tasty; I’m glad I decided on making it.

I haven’t made those tomato-pickle bites in a long time, either. Just a grape tomato and a pickle slice on a toothpick. Simple, but delicious.

For those of you who follow me on Pinterest (all two or three of you), I’m currently having trouble getting the site to work, but I will post this and the next post there as soon as I can.

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