dinner #25 – the box that is not really new

This was supposed to be K’s lunch, but it got pushed back to dinner. Ah, well.

Today we have his dinner packed in two Lock & Lock boxes. I picked them both up on clearance at the same time, but have only ever used the larger one for snacks and such. But now we have two of them together to make a meal! Like the Wonder Twins or something.


– Graze.com snack mix (poppyseed pretzels, cinnamon-honey almonds, and oregano rice crackers)
– sliced turkey
– cinnamon applesauce
– pepperjack string cheese
– cucumbers with a Mini Dipper of roasted pine nut hummus
– Blueberry Crisp Clif bar

The smaller box is designed specifically for veggies and dip. The lid lets you lift it off for each side, so that you could theoretically eat from the box without have the lid off. It’s pretty cool. I need to use it for snackums more often.

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