the obligatory beginning-of-the-year check in

Welp, it’s 2014! Just here to check in, really. Also, to list a few of my goals for the coming year. So, without further ado:

1. Make more bentos! I don’t make nearly enough, of course. 🙂 But there are lots of recipes I want to try. K will probably end up getting the bulk of them, since he’s got a far more expanded palette than I do. (I am attempting to try new foods, which is actually pretty easy since I work at a dining hall.) And for whatever reason, this is something I really like doing and I want to keep doing it.

2. Get more viewers! Not really sure how to go about this. I’ve started doing a link-up at called What’s For Lunch Wednesday, and as soon as I figure out how to link the button I’m going to start linking the button to that. I plan on doing some other link-ups if I can find them. I am grateful to the followers I already have (11 at time of writing, I heart all of you!) but I wouldn’t mind more people reading this. I already have a few more experienced bento bloggers among my little circle of readers, and I’m hoping they and perhaps other future bento-ing readers will be able to give me some pointers.

3. Try and do some themed bentos! I don’t really do themed bentos normally, but I think this year I’m going to try and do some. I have one or two ideas already…but I’ll let those be a secret. 🙂

4. Get better at making bentos! Like I said, this is something I enjoy, and I need to embrace my hobbies and have lots of fun. Or something.

So, hope you all are doing well! Not sure when I’ll get back to making bentos, but hopefully it will be somewhat soon. A trip for groceries is in order before this can happen, though.


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