snack #6 – a breakfast-esque snack

Expanding on last post: I want to use more of those unused boxes that I love so dearly. And another one of my favorites is my strawberry bento set. You may recall that this isn’t really a set; it’s two separate products from All Things For Sale. One is a two-tiered strawberry box, and one is a set of two strawberry snack boxes. Together, they have enough space for a decent meal. For this snack, I only used the two-tiered box.

And also, I finally managed a breakfast-type thing! Mostly because that strawberry cream cheese needs to be used up soon.

And also also, I finally bought some fresh fruit! I’ve been mentally frowning at myself for the lack of fresh fruit in K’s meals, and here is some fresh fruit, finally. Goodness, I am fixing all kinds of problems with this snack.

Anyway. Here:


– bagel with strawberry cream cheese and pineapple
– pineapple

I do love me some pineapple. I’ll probably end up eating the rest myself. 😛

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