dinner #21 – ideas that trail off into nothingness

So you see, I had this idea. I had bagels, and I had strawberry cream cheese, and I thought to myself, “Hey, making breakfast for dinner! That would be cool!”

But as it turns out, breakfasty foods were scarce. So I kind of…started off with something breakfasty, and then it derailed.

Oh well. K was pleased regardless.

Packed in an EasyLunchbox:


– bagel with strawberry cream cheese
– Nature Valley trail mix granola bar
– carrot sticks
– deli ham
– pepperjack cheese
– mixed nuts from Graze.com (almonds, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, and redskin peanuts), with smoked almonds added separately

So I sort of made roll ups with the ham. Sort of. Not really. But hey.

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