snack #5 – protein power snack

K’s lunch (dinner really, since he works evenings/nights) is pretty short, so sometimes he doesn’t have time to eat a whole lot. Tonight all I saw him eat was soup. So I, in my niceness, decided to make him a snack. But not just any snack. A protein heavy snack. I packed this sucker with all the protein I could find. I wonder if that’s a bad idea. Oh well.

Packed in a Lock & Lock box that I only seem to use for snacks:


– deli ham
– tuna salad (looks a bit globby but is perfectly edible)
– provolone cheese
– pumpkin seed energy bar
– smoked almonds
– carrot sticks

And if that’s not enough, we also have Greek blueberry yogurt with granola, which has…you guessed it…more protein! Really, this could be a small meal. Maybe I should make a category for “fourthmeal” next.

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