lunch #8 – more cube-tastic-ness

As you can probably tell, I am in love with the Sistema Lunch Cube. It has quickly become my most-used item. I need to get back to using some lesser-used boxes, I guess. But hey.

K’s lunch for tomorrow is:


– deli ham
– provolone cheese
– red bell pepper rings
– dried apricots
– almonds
– hard-boiled egg sprinkled with garlic salt
– honeydew

I was going to do something more fun with the bell pepper, but eh, I’m boring today.

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One Response to lunch #8 – more cube-tastic-ness

  1. I’m very much in love with the lunchcube at the moment. It’s my favourite for packing enough food to get me through the day, just to open up and graze from. It’s great! I packed hub’s lunch in a traditional bento for tomorrow though. Figured I should use it at some point!

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