lunch #6 – fun with tuna salad

I made K’s lunch for tomorrow tonight. I wanted to use tuna salad, but didn’t want to make a sandwich since that would get soggy. But luckily, I are creative.

Packed in an EasyLunchbox:


– celery sticks stuffed with tuna salad
– pepperjack string cheese
– cinnamon applesauce
– cinnamon-raisin energy bar
– smoked almonds

I am a little worried this won’t be enough food for K, but he has yogurt and carrots and other such things to snack on if that turns out to be the case.

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One Response to lunch #6 – fun with tuna salad

  1. Love the idea of using celery instead of bread to hold the salad! Soggy lunches are the worst – I always wonder what happens to crackers in the same compartment as fresh fruit, and I see that a lot on bento blogs 😦

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