lunch #5 – improvisation

As I was planning out K’s lunch for today last night, I had thoughts of using some leftover chicken in the fridge. But when I went to look…turned out K had eaten it all already. Oh well. Luckily there was tuna, with which I made something different.

Packed in a Sistema Lunch Cube, K has:


– tuna salad sandwich on French bread
– cinnamon applesauce
– baby carrots, with a Mini Dipper of roasted garlic hummus
– pepperjack string cheese
– Special K cereal bar
– dried fruit from my subscription (blueberries, green raisins, goji berries and cranberries)

I am quite fond of the Sistema Lunch Cube so far. It holds a satisfactory amount of food and is pretty compact to boot. Still kind of wish I’d been able to get a color besides pink, though. 😛

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