lunch #3 – teaching is learning

Thanksgiving break was awesome. I didn’t have to work and neither did K, so no need for any boxed meals. But now I am finally, for the first time in months, posting an honest-to-God lunch! Since K works nights, almost every meal I make for him is dinner, and I get my breakfast and lunch provided to me by work (yay dining hall!) so I almost never need a packed lunch.

Sistema Lunch Cube time!


– tomato-pesto-almond salad
– pepperjack string cheese
– celery sticks, with a buffalo sauce dipping cup from Papa John’s
– orange slices

Used basil pesto for the salad this time, since it was waaaaay cheaper than regular for some reason. And those are the last of those particular almonds. It was a box of 100-calorie packs. They lasted a decent amount of time, it seems.

Oranges are lame and I don’t like them. Such a hassle to peel, so I didn’t even bother here.

Welp, it’s kind of late, so I should probably sleep. Laters!

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