dinner #13 – lucky enough to be motivated

Well, turns out I did make K a bento after all! He’ll be home for his “lunch” break (dinner really, but you know) soon. And then he will have this EasyLunchbox full of goodness.


– tomato-pesto salad with spinach and almonds
– blueberry muffin
– pineapple
– dark rye chips
– cinnamon-raisin energy bar

First, you may recall that another meal I’ve made for K contained tomato-pesto salad. This is a modified version; it uses basil pesto instead of regular, sliced almonds instead of whole, and adds spinach. I personally think the original looks prettier, but apparently they both taste good.

Second, I would not ordinarily put the muffin next to the salad like that, especially if I knew this box was going to be carried around. But K is eating it here, so it will be upright enough that the muffin getting all pesto-y shouldn’t be a problem.

Third, I know the angle’s a bit strange. I had to move weirdly to avoid shadows.

Three posts in two days, guys! Don’t expect that to happen again, lol. I am bad at keeping up with things.

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