dinner #12 – an impulse buy, but at least it was a cheap one

Yes, I bought another lunch box. Once again, it was only $5. Don’t judge me -_-

This one is the Sistema Lunch Cube, which I’d seen on lunchsnackandsninner.com and liked the look of. I knew that Sistema products could be found at Old Navy, so I went and checked last night and it was there! Only color they had was pink, and while I would have preferred a different color, beggars can’t be choosers.

I actually do own another Sistema product, the Slimline Quaddie, but I don’t use it very much. Turns out that even for my generally good-sized appetite, the Slimline Quaddie is simply too much food. That and once I put fruit in it and the juice leaked everywhere. I’m hoping for better luck with the Lunch Cube.

So, here is my dinner for tonight:

dinner 12

– two pigs-in-a-blanket that K and other friend N were nice enough to grab for me from a bakery yesterday morning
– pineapple
– tomatoes and cucumbers

Not pictured, I will have mustard for the pigs-in-a-blanket and Ranch dressing for the veggies.

I have the ability to make K a bento tonight, so maybe I will. Then I will have posted three times in two days and the whole world will be different.

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