dinner #9 – i suck at being posting and punctual

Yeah, I need to keep up with these things better. But! I have some bento-like foods in my fridge now, so hopefully there will be more than just this one posting this week.

This one is in a Sentimental Circus bento set that I got from some site that I think was in French. However, I’ve managed to find it on Amazon for your viewing pleasure:


I wanted a “fancy” bento set, but I haven’t used it much. I have way too many bento boxes for a single 21-year-old female.

Anyway, anyway. Tonight’s meal, finally:


– turkey sandwich with tomato, pickle, and Ranch dressing on a croissant
– mini saltines
– Special K cereal bar
– grapes

I wasn’t planning to buy mini saltines, but they were on sale… 🙂

Cheers, folks!

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