lunch #1 – needs moar strawberries

strawberry bento set

This is what I have affectionately dubbed my strawberry bento set. It didn’t all come in one set, though. The bottom one you see is a two-tiered strawberry bento box from The top two snack boxes came together as a pair, also from It’s quite a cute set, and all together it adds up to a good-sized volume, enough for a lunch for work.

I need to take better pictures, I know. You can see a pajama shirt lying on the floor -_- Uh…penguins.


– grilled chicken strips with ranch
– mandarin oranges
– grape tomatoes and cucumber slices
– grapes

I eat a lot of grapes. They’re reasonably priced at Aldi’s and a box will last me a week easily, so they show up in my meals a looooooot. Strawberries are my favorite, but it’s hard to find good ones for a good price.

Welp, back to work in a few. Laters!

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