dinner #1 – it is the first one ever in reality

On here, anyway.

This is/was tonight’s dinner (I am actually eating it as I type). I don’t have Internet at my apartment and so I’m often hanging out on my city’s college’s campus, and I like to pack a meal so that I’m not tempted to eat out. (I have a bit of a spending problem that I’m trying to fix.)

So, tonight’s meal was packed in my Boon Trunk Snack Box.¬†Forgive my slightly off-center picture, but this was the clearest one I took. -_- I really need to work on photography.


– my semi-not-really patented tomato-pickle bites (grape tomatoes and dill pickle slices on toothpicks)
– mixed dried fruit from my Graze.com subscription (cherries, apricots, cranberry-raspberries, and blueberry yogurt raisins)
– cucumbers with Ranch in an EasyLunchbox Mini Dipper
– grapes
– apple-cinnamon flapjack from my Graze.com subscription

I managed to make a vegetarian meal without even trying. Huh. At the time, was a little uncertain of what to put in the last container, and I thought maybe cucumbers and pickles in the same meal was too much…well, too much cucumber. But I got over it.

I love the Boon Trunk Snack Box. Saw it on anotherlunch.com and had to have it for my own. Not sure why it’s called a snack box; it’s easily roomy enough for a full lunch.

And now I set back to work on eating this very meal.

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